School Closures/Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of severe weather, Tiny Tykes may close.  Announcements of school closures can be found in an email sent to you.  In general, if Richmond City Schools are closed for bad weather, Tiny Tykes will also be closed.

If there is a one hour delay in Richmond City Schools, Tiny Tykes will also have a one hour delay and open at 10:00 a.m.  

If there is a two hour delay in Richmond City Schools, Tiny Tykes Morning Program will be CLOSED, but the Extended Day Program will be open. Parents will be responsible for providing transportation to Tiny Tykes at 12pm, but the 3pm bus route will still run. 

If there is an early dismissal in Richmond City Schools due to inclement weather, Extended Day will be canceled. If Richmond Public Schools makes the call after Extended Day has started, parents will be notified immediately to pick up their children. The Director will decide if weather conditions are safe enough to send students home early on the bus. 

In the case of serious emergencies such as earthquakes, fire, storms, loss of power/water, parents will be notified, if possible, and children will be cared for until parents or emergency contacts arrive.

Please reference the Tiny Tykes calendar for school days in which the Extended Day program is closed.