Tiny Tykes attempts to keep tuition as low as possible while providing a quality preschool experience. We strive to help all families with this expense so that we may help your child develop a hope for the future.

All families are subject to the minimum registration fee of $50 per year (one fee per family), regardless of the program of enrollment or scholarship eligibility. In addition to the fee, new families will pay a $10 application fee.

Our scholarship application process is as follows:

Upon request, we will provide the scholarship application to parents of prospective or registered students. Tax forms and documents requested below must be submitted with the application to confirm eligibility.

Applicants must submit their information by mail or in person within two weeks of applying for the Tiny Tykes program. Please submit your materials to:

Rebecca Granger, Director
1920 Fairmount Ave. 
Richmond, VA 23223

CHAT and the Tiny Tykes Preschool Director will review all applications, and will notify all applicants of their decisions within two to four weeks of receiving it.

Applicants who are approved for a full or partial scholarship will confirm their scholarship amount by signing the Registration Confirmation Form. This form will list the scholarship status, as well as the monthly payment amount required (if applicable).

Refund Policy: CHAT does not refund tuition that has been paid for the time the child has been in school. Extenuating circumstances regarding tuition will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Application Fee:  $10 due upon submission of application
Registration Fee: $50 each year a child registers for Tiny Tykes