Scholarship Application 2017-2018

Tiny Tykes and CHAT understand that the expense of enrolling your child in a preschool program may be a strain on a family’s budget, and helping eligible families reduce their cost through scholarships is a key part of our program. We also keep our tuition as low as possible, while striving to provide a quality preschool experience. Each family that applies for a scholarship is carefully and prayerfully considered. We strive to help all families with this expense so that we may help your child get a head start on learning. 

Our process is as follows:

1. APPLICATION: Upon request, we will provide the scholarship application to parents of prospective or registered students. Tax forms and documents requested below must be submitted with the application to confirm eligibility.

2. DEADLINE: Applicants must submit their information by mail or in person within two weeks of applying for the Tiny Tykes program.

Tiny Tykes Preschool Program
Attn: Rebecca Granger, Director
1920 Fairmount Ave.
Richmond, VA 23223

3. NOTIFICATION: CHAT and the Director will review all applications, and will notify all applicants of their decisions within 2-4 weeks of receiving it.

4. AGREEMENT: Applicants who are approved for a full or partial scholarship will receive a scholarship agreement outlining both the school and family expectations for tuition payment and fulfillment of school policies, at which time they may accept or reject the scholarship. The agreement must be signed and returned to EEF or CHAT offices upon receipt. 

Student Information
Child's Name *
Child's Name
Birth Date *
Birth Date
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Mother's Name
Mother's Name
Father's Name
Father's Name
With whom does the child live? *
Name of guardian and relationship
Provide a copy of supporting documents to Tiny Tykes Director if there has been a legal custody decision, if possible.
If yes, please describe.
Ex. Custody changes, death in the family, etc. If yes, please describe.
The following information is used solely to determine scholarship eligibility and will remain confidential.
Mother/Guardian #1 Information
Work Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Education Level
Choose highest level completed.
Father/Guardian #2 Information
Work Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Education Level
Choose highest level completed.
If yes, please explain who and how much they are contributing on a monthly basis.
This is the most important question on this application, please do not leave it blank:
Please attach a copy of your most recent income tax form (only the first 2 pages) and/or two most recent paycheck stubs.
These will be solely used to determine eligibility, and are required to reduce fraud. This information will be kept secure and will be shredded after scholarships have been awarded. Social Security #s may be deleted before submitting tax forms. If you did not file US income tax forms last year, please speak with the Director to determine what documents you need to submit.
I hereby certify that all of the information in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Date *