Parent Community

At Tiny Tykes, we believe in the power of the family unit and strong partnerships between teachers, assistants, volunteers, parents and children. We encourage parent involvement and attendance at monthly events and gatherings. Additionally, there are a number of opportunities for families to help in the school and in the classroom.

Throughout the school year, all parents/guardians are responsible for engaging in a few important activities. These include attending our annual parent meeting at the beginning of the year, participating in at least one home visit, attending parent/teacher conferences, and providing snack during your child’s assigned week(s). Additionally, daily activities such as checking your child’s folder and communicating with his/her teachers is expected and encouraged!

In addition, we also ask that parents/guardians choose to help if they can, with big school events such as our Thanksgiving Feast and End of Year Celebration. Volunteering in your child’s classroom, having a leadership role, and accompanying classes on field trips are also great ways you can stay involved.

Parents are valued at Tiny Tykes. We seek to encourage the relationships and fellowship that happens when families of diverse backgrounds come together to share in the joy of their children.

For more information on parent responsibilities in the school, see the Parent Handbook.