Tiny Tykes Preschool is a faith-based, high quality preschool open to all children residing in Richmond, VA’s East End. Through interactive play and discovery in a safe and nurturing environment, we provide learning activities that meet the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of our children. Our current enrollment is 43 with a student teacher ratio of 5:1.      

Our mission, and CHAT’s, is to equip and serve the youth of the East End to make transformative decisions about who they are and endeavor to be.

Our developmentally-appropriate preschool is for children aged 2 1/2 years to kindergarten. We maintain small class sizes of 12-15 and encourage learning through play in a safe and nurturing environment. 


Classes meet two or three days a week
2 ½ - 4 years of age


Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – noon
4 - 5 years of age